Series VF

Series VF Romaco Macofar

The Romaco Macofar VF Series is the ideal
solution for filling vials with liquid parenteral
drugs in advanced aseptic conditions and
is suitable for liquid or lyophilized products.
The machines, due to their compact,
modular and versatile design are easily
integrated into any line configuration; such
as center room, through wall, connection to
downstream capping machine, to a trayloader or to a freeze-dryer automatic loading
system.                                                                                                                      Vials are positively conveyed throughout all process stations. The machines are extremely easy to clean and allow quick removal and repeatable assembly of size parts for change-over and sanitization operations. An automatic lateral adjustment of the linear transport system according to vials diameter is provided to minimize change-over time. 

• Mechanical construction aimed at
achieving high SAL (Sterility Assurance
• Flexible, repeatable and accurate
operations thanks to the use of brushless
• Comfortable accessibility to ‘white’ and
‘grey’ areas
• Easy cleanability of ‘white area’ surfaces
• Quick and easy removal/assembly of
product contact parts

• Very quick and repeatable semiautomated size parts change-over
with minimum manual interventions
• High filling accuracy
• Highly suitable for equiping the machine
with an Isolator or a RABS (Restricted
Access Barrier System);
• Access to the ‘grey area’ for maintenance
from a technical room if the machine is
installed through-the- wall
• Ideal for wash-down cleaning
• Advanced in-line process control systems

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