Series SM 2000

Series SM2000 from Romaco Promatic

The Romaco Promatic SM2000 stretch
bending machine is designed to meet the
challenging demands of the pharmaceutical
industry where compact footprint, userfriendly operation, high output are essential.
In response to numerous customer
requests, Promatic developed 3 differently
driven versions of the model in order
to satisfy the market’s many demands:
Pneumatic – Mechanical – Servo-drive.
The high technology servo drive solution,
available on the Romaco Promatic
SM2000EV model, enables the machine
to satisfy high speed production demands,
reaching speeds of up to 50 cpm. The
Romaco Promatic SM2000 stretch bending
machine can also be supplied with a shrinkwrapping tunnel option.

Cantilever design:
• Reduced downtime, cleaning and
maintenance operations
• Clear view of product flow, immediate
safe access to all functions and
operations, high efficiency level
• GMP design
Ergonomic design:
• Machines error diagnosis and troubleshooting simplify the operation of the
• Ergonomic fitting of reel holders,
equipped with expansion lock devices
Technology highlights:
• Low maintenance, minimum intervention
• Tool free, Quick and Easy changeover
(less than 5 min.) enabled by digital
position indicators
• Driven reel unwind system with
proportional speed control based on reel
• Reel shaft with automatic quick-lock
• Self-cleaning hot sealing bar




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