Series Micro 9 – 18

Series Micro 9 / 18 Romaco Macofar

The Romaco Macofar Micro 9 and 18
are machines suitable for filling sterile
pharmaceutical powders into vials under
aseptic conditions. The Micro range of
intermittent motion machines offers
mechanical speeds ranging from 9,000 to
18,000 vials per hour. They are renown for
their reliable performance in aseptic lines
for dosing sterile powders into round glass
vials sealed with rubber stoppers. Designed
for cGMP compliance, due to their balcony
design, the Micro machines are recognized
worldwide as leading powder microdosing
machines, carrying on the decades of
Macofar tradition.

• Simple, fast and repeatable changeover.
• Automatic height adjustment of filling and
closing groups, no manual adjustments
• Product format data is recorded in an
electronic database and can be recalled
via the touch screen.
• Nitrogen flushing before, during and after
• Liquid filling group for media fill test
• Air drying unit to reach a controllable
humidity percentage in the filling area.
• Vertical laminar flow over the dosing and
stoppering stations with recycle

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