Series Macrodoser

Romaco Macofar MACRO-D 5 and MACRO-D 8 Macrodosing Machines

The MACRO-D 5 and MACRO-D 8 continuous motion powder dosing machines are used to fill non free flowing powders, dry syrups and the like into glass or plastic bottles.

Closing can be realized with any type of caps, including child-proof caps. In addition, the machine can be equipped with an additional group to fit a dosing cup on the already closed bottle. 

Benefits of the MACRO-D 5 and MACRO-D 8

  • Glass partition wall separating the closing station from the filling station
  • Suitable for a wide variety of caps including CRC (child resistant closures)
  • Modular, flexible design

Technical Highlights

  • Pre-screwing head for plastic screw caps
  • Vacuum / pressure dosing into funnels
  • Transport container with vibration unit and dosing carousel
  • Individually configurable pistons and stainless steel wire mesh filters with different porosities depending on the particle size and powder type 
  • Also available without the closing group 
  • Machine can optionally be equipped to enable a dosing cup to be fitted to the closed bottles

Technical Data

Diameter, in mmmin. 30 – max. 60
Height, in mmmin. 50 – max. 170
Mechanical production, in pc/h5,000 depending on vial stability, powder characteristics and installed options8,000 depending on vial stability, powder characteristics and installed options
Standard dosing range, in cc.min. 6 – max. 95
Installed power (only dosing ), in kW5
Installed power (with closing unit), in kW7
Compressed air consumption, in Nl/min70
Compressed air pressure, in bar7
Net weight1,700 kg1,950 kg
Gross weight2,200 kg2,700 kg
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