S370 Prime

Romaco Kilian
S 370 Prime Tablet Press

The S 370 Prime represents Romaco Kilian’s reliable, mid-sized rotary tableting solution in the tradition of the famous KILIAN T 300. This press is designed for fully automatic pharma production.

Benefits of the S 370 Prime

  • Modular design, robust and flexible
  • No external electrical cabinet needed, saving valuable space on the production floor
  • Machine can be easily moved to another position in the production area if required

Technical Highlights

  • GAMP compliant automation, qualification and validation
  • Fast die table exchange by means of an integrated die table lifting system
  • Patented wear-free brake magnets
  • 19 inch HMI (Touch panel) and
  • “Full VICON“ visualisation software
  • Optional features:
    • Automatic tablet tester integration
    • Human RQ software for mono press
    • Trending function
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data

Number of punches44403226
Tool type* (EU and TSM)BBBD
Maximum tablet diameter (mm)11131625
Maximum output** (tablets/hour)330,000300,000240,000156,000
Maximum die filling (mm)1620
Maximum pre-compression force (kN)40
Maximum main compression force (kN)80***100***
Power (kW)5.5
Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz)400, 50/60
Compressed air (bar)6
Weight (kg)1,925
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