Pak 100 – Pak 320

PAK 100 / PAK 130 / PAK 320

The high performance Romaco Promatic
PAK 320 is designed for packing cartons
and/or bundles into RSC cases and features:
a high capacity case magazine fitted with
automatic lifting of the case to working
height, forced case erection by means of
a double arm equipped with suction cups
and Venturi vacuum unit, closing of the flaps
at the base of the case before the cartons
are inserted. The case packer’s operating
processes and work areas such as stacking
from bottom to top, transfer and subsequent
insertion of the cartons into the case, are
kept separated and allow checking of critical
operations, reducing machine downtime to a
The Romaco Promatic PAK 130 is the ideal solution for data aggregation in a cost-effective
and user-friendly, compact solution.
• Reduced downtime, cleaning and maintenance operations
• Clear view of product flow, immediate safe
access to all functions and operations, high
efficiency level
• GMP design
• Ergonomic design
• Machine errors’ diagnosis and troubleshooting functions enhance operation of the
• Quick and easy changeover

Romaco Promatic PAK 100 semiautomatic case-packer
The Romaco Promatic Pak 100 offers reliability and efficiency for simple applications.
It removes time consuming steps of the
packing process by automatically stacking
and inserting cartons into manually opened

• Compact and economical
• Equipped with PLC and LCD
• Simple design and user-friendly
• Compliant to European safety
• Optional automatic taping system




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