KTP 180X

Romaco Kilian
KTP 180X Tablet Press

The KTP 180X is the ideal rotary tablet press for applications in the pharmaceutical industry – from R&D through clinical batches to small scale production.

The machine is available in two configurations:

  • KTP 180X Production
  • KTP 180X Laboratory

Benefits of the KTP 180X

  • Suitable for R&D applications or small scale production 
  • Unique scale-up functionality 
  • Extensive, user-tailored data capturing capabilities in the R&D configuration 
  • Handling, operation and robust design comparable with a large-volume production machine 
  • Operation via a 12″ integrated touch panel (HMI) 
  • Data acquisition system integrated in the operating software 
  • Small footprint

Technical Highlights

  • Interchangeable die table 
  • Mixed die-tables available for B+D tooling 
  • Easy access to all product-contact-parts 
  • Patented, wear-free brake magnets 
  • Individual tablet rejection system using compressed air 
  • Fully automated machine including weight control 
  • R&D machine version monitors upper and lower compression forces, ejection force, pre-compression force, tablet scraping force, upper and lower punch displacement 
  • Magnesium stearate spraying system available (PKB)
  • Paddle force feeding with two paddles available as an option

Technical Data

Machine configurationsProduction; Laboratory
Number of press stations8 (4+4)8131619
Tool type (EU and TSM)B+DDB+DBB
Die typeB+DDB+DBBB
Maximum tablet diameter (mm)18 / 2525 18 / 2516 (18 for R&D)13
Maximum die filling (mm)17    
Maximum output* (tablets/hour)16,80033,00054,60067,20079,800
Maximum pre-compression force (kN)10
Maximum main compression force (kN)50**
Main Drive Power (kW)1.7
Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz)400, 50/60
Compressed air (bar)4-6
Weight (kg)560
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