Heated agitator vessel & Melting equipment


Rapid melting of loose materials (pellets, flakes or granulates), also with the addition and mixing of liquids or additives, is a preferred application field for ourmelting equipment:

Assuming a modular series with capacities of between 50 and 1,000 lwe can adapt the equipment to exactly suit your special application and recipe down to the last detail:

  • Heating using double-walled design with thermal oil filling filling (externally heated or with integrated electrical heating elements)
  • Heating using steam double-walled or direct electrical resistance heating
  • Materials of the inner vessel and jacket (stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571, etc.)
  • Use of different agitator types (agitator shape, speed, speed control, replaceable agitators)
  • Recipe administration with weighing cells and batch controller
  • Use as proportioning vessel with proportioning pumps and PLC (e.g. as extruder feed)
  • Design as transportable vessel on rollers or with fork lift slots
  • Use also possible in explosion protected areas Zone 0 (vessel interior), Zone 1 and 2

For melting and automatic distribution of large volumes of high-viscosity materials from drums or other transfer packagings we have developed the combination of melting out (heating jacket or warming oven), heated buffer volume and transport heating unit (vessel or heated pipework).

The opened, full containers standing on their end are quickly melted at the edge using warm circulating air or heating jackets so that the contents can slide into the receptacle located underneath. Melting grids can be used to accelerate the process.

In the heated buffer receptacle the material is liquefied completely and can then be fed to the process using either transfer vessels or pumps and pipework.

These melting units can be automated for the most part and are used by many of our renowned clients. We can also offer complete solutions including handling equipment for opening and tilting the drums or transfer vessels.


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