S250 B-BL

Romaco Kilian
S 250 B/BL Tablet Press

The Romaco Kilian S 250 B/BL Series is the ideal machine for mid-size volume food and specialty pharmaceutical production. It is a reliable and robust rotary tablet press developed for food applications where high volume filling is required as well as for products with poor flowability. The press
is optimised to handle sticky products. It is designed for continuous production in extreme production environments even without any climate control in the production area.

The 3-column construction concept offers a high filling depth of 45 mm for up to 45 mm diameter tablets.

Benefits of the S 250 B/BL

We have dedicated solutions for:

  • Bouillon cubes
  • Cocoa or milk powder
  • Homeopathic products
  • Sticky or poor flowing products

Technical Highlights

  • Fully automated (without hand wheels)
  • Compact design (integrated electrical cabinet, HMI mounted on swivel arm)
  • Hygienic design
  • Special highly efficient filling system
  • Fill depth up to 45 mm
  • Multi-tip tooling available
  • Direct packing line synchronisation
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