Drum fitting & Accessories

Horizontal drum roller

This drum roller with an integral drip tray is used for drums inside a heating cabinet.

The neccessary heating time especially for melting processes can be reduced in a respectable dimension by the use of a drum roller during the heating phase.


Decanting taps

For viscous fluids in drums, in grey iron or red iron, brass locking plate.
Seals (external) in grey cardboard.
For drum threads R 1/2″, R 3/4″, R 1″, R 1 1/4″, R 1 1/2″, R 2″, R 2 1/2&”, R 3″, R 4″.

Polyethylene drum tap

Drip free
Heat resistant to max. 60°C.
External seal: in Buna rubber.
Attachment thread R 2″, slightly tapered.
Easy to screw in and secure seal.

“Dinga” tap

For heating oil, in brass Through flow opening Ø 15 mm, sliding.
Outlet self closing and drip free.


a) internal: Perbunan, external PVC (resistant to heating oil and petrol)
b) external: Teflon external Viton (resistant to solvents) Attachment thread R 3/4″.

“Alko” oil draining tap

Attachment thread R 3/4″.

In polyethylene With sprayed-on seal taper at thread socket and permanently sprayed-flow controller, drip-free even for highly fluid contents, resistant to mineral oils, watercontaining chloride and all non-oxidising acids, leaching solutions and salts.

Drum keys

Drum Keys (simple design)
In Aluminium, Suitable for all drum closures.
R 3/4″, und R 2″.
Aluminium makes for light handling and freedom from sparks.

“Fass-Knacker” Drum Cutter
50 – 225 l Metallfässer for all steel drums of 50 – 225 litres.
With this tool, by using its leverage power, you can cut out the lid of all beaded drums, steel drums and sheet metal containers of 50 – 225 litres, up to a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm.
It gives a smooth clean cut, entirely safe. No injuries, no danger of explosion. The knife cannot run out of the cut, no slipping rollers.
In under a minute you can convert your steel drum into vertical barrels for water, garbage, storage etc. or other purpose such as scaffolding support.
Knives in W.-No. 1.2550, type steel, sealed in chrome bath to resist sparking    

Thread adaptors

  • 2″ MAUSER coarse thread
  • 2″ Whitworth pipe thread    
  • 2″ Tri-Sure coarse thread
  • 2″ Whitworth pipe thread    
  • (Canister-)external coarse thread:
  • 2″ Whitworth pipe thread
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