S250 Smart

Romaco Kilian
S 250 SMART Tablet Press

The Romaco Kilian S 250 SMART rotary tablet press is designed to meet all customer requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, combining outstanding production stability with mature technology for optimal results. The machine is ideal for compressing any powder mixture.

The S 250 SMART is available in two configurations:

  • SMART Tradition – basic machine features
  • SMART Classic – standard machine features

SMART stands for

S = Simple handling
M = Modular packages
A = Automated operation
R = Robust & Compact design
T = Turret change

Benefits of the S 250 SMART

  • No external electrical cabinet needed, saving valuable space on the production floor
  • Machine can be easily moved to another position in the production area if required

Technical Highlights

  • GAMP compliant automation, qualification and validation
  • Fast turret exchange thanks to the integrated die table lifting system
  • All electronic components integrated in the machine body
  • Patented, wear-free brake magnets
  • Easy replacement of all components and wearing parts
  • Intuitive touch panel operation (HMI)

Technical Data

Machine configurationsTradition; Classic
Number of punches44403226
Tool type* (EU and TSM)BBBD
Maximum tablet diameter (mm)11131625
Maximum output** (tablets/hour)300,000270,000220,000156,000
Maximum die filling (mm)16  20
Maximum pre-compression force (kN)40   
Maximum main compression force (kN)80***  100***
Power (kW)5.5 
Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz)400, 50/60   
Compressed air (bar)6   
Weight (kg)1,925   
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