Peeling line with carborundum-type peeling machine

Peeling Line with Carborundum-type Peeling Machine

The EIMA Peeling Line is equipped with the optimized Roller Peeling Machine with an integrated Water Recycling System has become even more effective. The peelings are filtered from the waste water of the Peeling Machine and the water is recycled back to the Washing Machine. This roller peeler is also a top product for the gentle peeling process. The peeling process is carried out by the Carborundum coating and with different grain sizes.

This gives the best possible results with as few peeling losses as possible. But it is not only the Carborundum-type Peeling Machine that makes this Plant so valuable, you can also install the new longitudinal Scroll Calibrator and half Divider. These are two real innovations by EIMA. As mechanical Peeling Line, this combination makes it the most successful unit available on the market today, especially when it comes to potatoes and carrots, but also beetroots.

capacity: in kg/h 500, 1000 – 1500, 2000 – 3000, 3000 – 4500

Your EIMA advantages:

  • Water recycling system
  • Less peeling waste
  • Universally extendable
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