NBP 950

Romaco Noack NBP 950 Blister Machine

Frequent product changes, different blister layouts, permanent time and cost pressure: the Noack NBP 950 rotary sealing machine is the perfect answer to the challenges of day-to-day pharmaceutical production in the twenty-first century. Format changes can be completed in a very short time. Efficient cleaning processes ensure optimal availability. The machine is soon prepared for the next job. And when it comes to OEE, the Noack NBP 950 is up among the leaders in the mid-performance class.

Benefits of the Romaco Noack NBP 950

  • Suitable for a wide range of products
  • Designed for small to medium batch sizes
  • Ideal when frequent product and format changes are likely
  • Very easy to operate
  • Advanced level of automation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Full compatibility of format parts with the Noack 921
  • Easy line integration

Technical Highlights

  • Servo drives ensure reproducible processes
  • QuickFeed for optimised cleaning
  • QuickAdjust for shorter run-in times
  • Draw-off roller with integral cooling
  • Robust forming station with servo drive
  • Coding station designed for high loads
  • Choice of dedicated optical monitoring systems
  • Ready for Remote Assist
  • OPC UA interface for production data acquisition (PDA)

Technical Data

Output blisters/minute max.500
Blister tracks max.5
Forming cycles/minute max.100
Cutting cycles/minute max.200
Foil width max., in mm214
Forming area max., in mm170 × 204
Cutting area max., in mm162 × 204
Forming depth max., in mm12
Forming foil reel diameter max., in mm700
Lidding foil reel diameter max., in mm320
Machine dimensions (L × W × H), in mm4,200 × 1,570 × 2,400
Weight (approx.), in kg2,800
Remote Assist connectionEthernet
PDA interfaceOPC UA
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