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Romaco Siebler FT Flexible-Format Transfer Solutions

The new servo-driven transfer units in the Romaco Siebler FT series can now facilitate flexible-format primary and secondary packaging processing of four-side sealed foil strips. Up to six FlexPicker robots are responsible for transferring the strip packs directly to the cartoner.

Thanks to the integrated, servo-driven transfer solution, all Romaco Siebler strip packaging lines can be retooled quickly and easily. The FT systems provide maximum flexibility whenever different pack sizes, strip layouts and stack heights are involved.

Benefits of the Siebler FT

  • Upstream and downstream processes synchronized
  • No overflow of good packs – all quality approved strips are processed 
  • Short retooling times
  • Virtually no maintenance costs for intelligent FlexPickers
  • Pick-and-place system for guaranteed format flexibility

Technical Highlights

  • Servo-driven transfer of the sealed strips from the conveyor to the cartoner
  • Buffer station – enables temporary storage of sealed strips and regulation of the packaging process
  • Vacuum grippers achieve up to 150 picks a minute
  • Selective removal of scrap – no need to separate complete cutting cycles

Technical Data

Single pack size min., in mm40 x 50 x 3
Single pack size max., in mm120 x 240 x 13
Speed, packs/minute max.200400600450900
Remote Assist connectionEthernet
PDA interfaceOPC UA
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