Bottle Blower MBB 200

Bottle Blower MBB 200 from Romaco Macofar

The MBB 200 is the Romaco Macofar automatic Bottle Blowing-Aspiration machine for internal cleaning of stable cylindrical bottles by means of sterile compressed air and dust aspiration. Suitable to handle both plastic and glass bottles, Romaco Macofar bottle blower can handle up to 12.000 bottles/hour running in intermittent motion.

Machine features

  • Bottles inlet via conveyor belt equipped with adjustable guides
  • Bottles cleaning in upside down position by means of blowing nozzles and suction heads
  • Blowing of sterile compressed air filtered through 0.2 micron PALL filter
  • Machine base lined with stainless steel sheets
  • Parts in contact with the product in AISI 304 stainless steel or other material suitable to the environment and application
  • GMP design

Technical Data

Mechanical speed (vials/h)12,000 
Weight (Kg) approx.700 
Length (mm)1,400 
Depth (mm)800 
Height (mm)1,920 
Vials size range (mm)min.max.


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