Lifting & Tilting equipment

Hydraulic-Herkuli ® H1800 EE

Lifting and tilting table for 200 l drums with1800 mm tipping height and electric drive for lifting and tilting.

Stationary, drum lifting and tipping station with 5,4 m lifting height

This slanted lift is used to load silos with solids in pieces or in powder form.

Transportation takes place via an electric hoist with automatic tipping at the end position.

Stationary tilting and filling station

The safe and protected exchange of powder material from a production vessel into a transport vessel is done with the help of this 360° tilting device.


The lifting unit in the standard model is operated manually using a hydraulic pump.

But it can also be fitted optionally with a hydraulic drive unit, either pneumatically (e.g. for explosion protected areas) or electrically driven (rechargeable battery supply). The tilting motion is operated using a self-locking worm gear with handwheel or is also connected to the hydraulic supply.

Hydraulic HERKULI for special vessels

This HERKULI is equipped with a adapting holder to handle differnt types of drums and vessels with one lifting and tilting device.

Hydraulic HERKULI with special height

The lifting and tilting transporter HERKULI can be manufactured for lifting heights up to 2,5 m.

Vessel tilting station

This vessel tilting station is used to clean and empty production vessels in an ergonomic position.

GREIFOMAT drum gripper

The GREIFOMAT system for fork lift trucks is capable to handle drums of nearly every size and type!

With the GREIFOMAT® you can stack a great number of drums in the smallest of spaces. The sturdiness and permanent availability of these units have proved their reliability over the past decades. It is particularly suited for container loading and drum stores with 6 or more layers.

“KIPPTRAVERSE” to lifting & tilting

The “Kipptraverse” frame can safely take up standing or lying drums and vessels, and then transport these and set them down – also either standing or lying.

Filling tasks can also be carried out reliably and flexibly. As with all of our equipment custom designs can be catered for without any problems: Fittings for small or large drums, electric rotary drive, reel chain for tilting unit, heavy load design, etc. …!

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