KTP 590X

Romaco Kilian
KTP 590X    cool – fast – clean
… and versatile like no other

The KTP 590X is a single sided, versatile, high speed tableting machine. Optimised for fast change over between bi- and monolayer tablet mode and for high speed effervescent tablet production. The machine can be equipped with up to 3 sets of compression rollers for best performance, even for mono-layer application.

It is available in the following configurations:

  • Mono- & bi-layer tablet production
  • Bi-layer production
  • Mono-layer production


  • Effective cooling of the process area to below 30 °C – ideal for processing temperature sensitive formulations such as Ibuprofen
  • Special compression rollers, bolts and bearings ensure lowest possible friction
  • Efficient cooling of the torque drive and the V-ring seal (for the die table)


  • Up to 510,000 tabs/h as mono machine
  • Up to 510,000 tabs/h also as bi-layer machine
  • Excellent performance with challenging high volume products such as Metformin and Amlodipin
  • No conversion of compression stations required for changing the machine configuration
  • Quick product and format changes: tablet chute and fill shoe can be swung out – no tedious readjustments
  • Few product contact parts: minimal cleaning effort
  • 2 full size fill shoes


  • Optimal hygienic design
  • Hermetical separation between compaction and service area
  • Patented closed punch bellows to prevent tablet contamination

Technical Data

Machine configurationsMono-layer; Bi-layer; Mono- & bi-layer
Number of press stations716454444433
Tool type* (EU and TSM)BBBDKILIAN 28/41KILIAN 35/45
Maximum tablet diameter (mm)111316252734
Maximum output** (tablets/hour)511,200460,800388,800290,400290,400118,800
Maximum die filling (mm)1820
Maximum tamping compression force (kN)25
Maximum pre-compression force (kN)100***
Maximum main compression force (kN)100***
Maximum power consumption (kW)38
Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz)400, 50/60
Compressed air (bar)6
Weight (kg)4,950
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