HM 2

Romaco Siebler HM 2 Strip Packaging Machines

The strip packaging machines in the Romaco Siebler HM 2 series are suitable for a wide range of customer applications, for example for packing diagnostics, pharmaceutical liquids or flat, stable products. Even complex products such as test strips, BFS containers or pre-filled syringes can be processed fully automatically using the Romaco Siebler HM 2.

Benefits of the HM 2

  • Configuration tailored to customer requirements
  • Complex products processed fully automatically
  • Precision sealing system
  • Reproducible sealing parameters
  • Practically wear-free in continuous duty
  • Multiple-lane operation permits high output
  • Easy integration into packaging lines
  • Excellent value for money

Technical Highlights

Cutting diagnostic strips

  • Suitable for sheet or reel materials
  • Laser, rotary or guillotine cutter
  • Special cutting solutions minimise the risk of injuries  
  • Any test strip down to 4 mm wide can be handled
  • Maximum cutting speed: 1500 strips a minute

Packing diagnostic strips

  • Strips transferred by a vacuum assisted overhead conveyor
  • Deionisation reduces static
  • Individual packing in moisture-resistant, four-side sealed foil strips
  • Bulk filling into plastic containers if required
  • Optional insertion of desiccant sachets

Cutting and packing flat, stable products

  • Bulk feeding with vibrating bowl and selective separation
  • In-line processing with an integrated cutting system if required
  • Individual packing in four-side sealed soft aluminium foil strips
  • Four-side sealing extends the minimum shelf life of the products

Technical Data

 HM 2-230HM 2-350HM 2-600
Foil width max., in mm240360600
Product lanes max.4825
Output products/minute max.6001,2002,500
Remote Assist connectionEthernet
PDA interfaceOPC UA
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